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About us

Getting up at 6:30 in the morning to think about what to wear should be forbidden

At that time of the day, you'd five anything to avoid a headache. For dressing up without giving it a thought, to look at yoursel in the mirror and finding out you look great.

And comfortable for the whole day. And ready for whatever the day brings.

Despertador 6 de la mañana
And also...
Arrive on time to that meeting. And get that new client. And get a call from Sofia to go for an afterwork drink and accept it without hesitation, and get home and find all the house chores done.
Yes, and also listen to the beep, beep, beeep... coming from the alarm clock and realizing that it was just a dream.
Vestido rojo algodón orgánico atemporal





A dream? Nothing like that.
In fact, that's how your day-to-day life should be.

Because  this is what Ms Worker is all about.

To dress up every morning to go to work. To combine your favorite dresses in a million ways. To make you feel comfortable and confident. To make your life easier. 

An to do all this in a sustainable way to take care of you, your pocket, and the planet.

To cherish those dresses like they' one of those treasures you keep in your closet..Do you know what I mean?

That garment that neves foes out of style and is the big star of your closet.

I've always had one of those items.

A piece of clothing you never get rid of or stop wearing until you have completely worn it out. An item that always makes you feel good and comfortable. A garment that works for any situation and never goes out of style.

The one your firends ask again and again thinking it is a new one each time.

Because hey, looking on point for the meeting with your boss, feeling fabulous having a drink after 8 hours at the office, combining it with flats for an errands day or rocking it on a cristening that you have been invited to, out of the blue, are just some examples of things that a gem like that, can do for you.

Could you imagine your closet full of wonders like this?
We do and surely here you will find more than one.


Vestido verde tencel cinturón oficina

The perfect wardrobe essential for an authentic working girl.

Working Girl. That's what my boss used to describe my outfilt one early morning.

The kind of morning when you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier just to be able to find the perfect outfit for the day, and you won't five up until you feel elegant but informal, attractive but not provocative, and if possible, comfortable!  

Maybe that's why, after hundreds of mornings like that, the day I started shaping the idea of creating my own brand, the name Ms Worker felt like a perfect fit. 

And sustainable, yes

Sustainable for many reasons, or just one if you like it better.

Because if just like happens to me, when you are trying to relax, what comes to your mind is walking through a forest, hearing the wind through the branches and leaves, hearing the rumor of a nearby stream, and enjoying the smell of those fallen leaves on the ground, then you will perfectly understand why being sustainable is importat.

It's just a matter of pulling the breaks and get things right, by thinking about others and of course, by enjoying the jorney.

An what a jorney I had! Would you like to hear about it?

Let me tell you about it, starting by introducing myself.

Olga Camino Sevilla


Madame Ms Worker

Althoug you can call me Olga.

People that know me say I have a superpower: to turn any crazy (or not so crazy) clothing idea that comes to my mind into a reality. A reality that will look great on you.

To design something inside my head. Reproduce it on fabric just the way I imagined it. You looking at yourself in the mirror with the final design and me seeing your smile through the reflection...

There's nothing that gives me more satisfaction than that smile.

Niña con vestidoMs Agricultural Technician

And to think that I started out as an agricultural technical engineer. 

That said, there is no one like me to calculate the radius of a full circle skirt waist. I am the ideal person to understand the benefits of a natural fiber, its chemical or structural properties or the most efficient way to grow it.

Now I know it wasn't a waste of time. Grandma always knew. When going for walks with her as a little girl I would always freeze in front of the big window of a shop with the nicest dress, not with the lastes toy.Estudiante de diseño de moda y textil patronaje y confección




Ms Experimental pattern maker

So, at 30 I went to Univertity of Palermo in Buenos Aires to study pattern making, dressmaking and fashion design. Lingerie, haute couture and experimental pattern making. Learning from Julian Roberts, Eva Iszoro and Shingo Sato Especially, opened my mind to other ways of doing.

I found my passion and my vocation. And I learned that everything is possible if you're tenacious enough. 

On my way back to Spain, I started working for a renowned designer. Later I was a production assistan in a large atelier in Madrid. And then I finally found the opportunity I was looking for: working on a big brand, like Delpozo.

Entre costuras y tejidosMs Anne Hathaway in The Devil wears Prada

I like to imagine that for a while I was Andrea Sachs. Do you remember her? I mean Anne Hathaway, the girl for everything in The Devil Wears Prada, It was hard, with a dizzy rhythm, but I learned the details of the whole production process.

Then, one morning, my boss looked at me and said, Olga, You're coming as a working girl today, aren't you? 

But I've already told you this.

I was ready to leave the nest and fly alone.

And guess what? I perfectly remember what I was wearing that day. That day and any other day of my life. Not only that, but what you were wearing if you were with me as well.

Because that is my second superpower.

Do you know what I mean?


What you wore that day and what will suit you better 

Don't ask me why, but when it comes to clothes, I have a photographic memory.

If I struggle to remmember a particular date, I just have to remember what I was wearing too. This could be a good or a bad thing, because I will also remember if that outfit looked good on you or not, and why. I can't help it.

Maybe that's why all my firends ask me what to wear and they get surprised by the result. Maybe that's why my clients trust me to choose size and style. So, if you would like my advice, you know what to do next.


Here are some of the clients I was telling you about a moment ago:

Testimonios clientas contentas y satisfechas Vestido Tencel amarillo oficinaAnd now, are you ready to be a Ms Worker girl?

Take a look at your next wardrobe essential and forget about not knowing what to wear.